Wikipedia’s Take on Todd Graham

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 14, 2011

Former Tulsa head coach turned Pitt head coach turned Arizona State coach Todd Graham had a very strange day. He accepted the job at Arizona State after reportedly sending a text message to his team telling them that he was gone. Ouch.

The backlash from his former players has been, well, strong and others have voiced their opinions on the subject. As is typical of situations like this, Mr. Graham’s Wikipedia page was adjusted accordingly, and we were able to grab a screenshot of these wonderful changes before it was abruptly changed back.

NOTE: This individual below is not Todd Graham, although I don’t really trust him all that much either.


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    1. BrotherFlounder

      Earlier, they had this gem:

      “Graham was announced as Pittsburgh’s head coach on January 10, 2011.[10] Members of Graham’s staff include former Rich Rodriguez assistants Tony Dews and Tony Gibson, both are expected to join Graham at Arizona State in the near future, but don’t bet on it, because that’s wishful thinking considering they just took other jobs at ASU’s rival school, you dumbasses.”

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