Video: Down Goes the Husky Stadium Roof

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 21, 2011

Things are looking up for the Washington Huskies.

The football program is improving and the team began a massive stadium renovation back in November. This project is now in full swing, which means plans are being put in place for the new look, and more importantly, OLD THINGS ARE BEING DESTROYED.


Here’s a few of the problem I have with the destruction above, although I’m not exactly an expert in blowing up stadiums. This hardhat I’m wearing is a stylish hardhat, you see.

For one, I was hoping that marketing would prevail and that the other side of the roof would collapse in rather thrilling fashion. “GO HU” just doesn’t bring about the same sort of team appeal as the entire saying. I thought the other side would fall, they’d cue the fight song and presto.

The marketing team would like to have a quick word, demolition crew most likely being safe and doing the appropriate thing.

And finally, what is up with the rogue crane? Again, we’ll leave this up for the experts, but something certainly seems wrong from the second view as the ol’ Husky crane appears to get incredibly close to the action.

[places hardhat on rack]

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