Missouri Mascot to Blame for Busted Independence Bowl Trophy

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 26, 2011

The Independence Bowl Trophy once was a beautiful piece of crystal. Now, however, it looks like this.

Who’s to blame for such happenings? Turns out Missouri’s mascot, Truman the Tiger (who is featured above trying to play this whole thing cool), fumbled the trophy while trying to lift it over his head. This is not a drill; here’s what happened at the scene.

Confirmed that Truman broke the Independence Bowl Trophy. Tried to pick it up during a photo op, and it took a tumble. Was imported crystal.
Harry Plumer

Asked Truman if he broke the trophy. He nodded. Asked him what happened. Threw his paws in the air, then covered his eyes to mimic sobbing
Harry Plumer

Truman, like all of us, likely wasn’t functioning at full speed courtesy of a Christmas hangover. It also can’t be easy carrying around bowl hardware with furry hands and limited visibility.

While the original crystal was smashed to pieces, the Independence Bowl was able to bring in a replacement trophy in time for Missouri’s celebration after the game. The crisis was avoided, although there better be plenty of these, Truman, if you are indeed the culprit of this hilarious and unfortunate bowl party foul.

Image via, Busted CoverageHolly Anderson and The Columbian

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    2. SEC Dominance

      Good gosh Mizzou people. You are soon to be in the SEC. Don’t act like you are going to still be in the Big XII next year. If you keep it up, we will rescind your offer.

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    4. MUSucks

      The entire university is a joke so no surprise their stupid mascot is as well. They will fit in well in the SUC I mean SEC.

    5. JLStage

      MUSucks You are stupid. I am sorry you didn’t graduate from college. Funny stuff though Truman.

    6. [...] Missouri Mascot to Blame for Busted Independence Bowl Trophy? [...]

    7. [...] Missouri Mascot to Blame for Busted Independence Bowl Trophy? [...]

    8. Methzou

      As every MU Tiger knows bowls are for cooking meth, so what’s the big deal? Besides, it will look better in the trophy case with a wooden bowl. Much more traditional to folks from those parts.

    9. Bama

      Good to see them in the SEC.

    10. JUDY

      To bad that SEC will be the best conference in the nation with MU Tigers and the TEx. Aggies joining in the 2012 footballl season. Way to go tam.. We love all of the players on this years team.

    11. Jamesb

      Oh come on now, cut Truman some slack. Mizzou doesn’t get much experience handling trophies, or championship banners or winning in general.

      Once buried in obscurity in the S.E.C. East we may neveer hear from ol’ Mizzou for the next 40 years!

    12. David R.

      Yeah, kind of like when Mizzou completely shut down Arkansas and a guy by the name of Darren McFaggot! I guess you dont remember that cotton bowl game, huh? We handled that trophy quite well!

    13. 12/26/11

      David R – I bet you handle poles quite well too

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    15. Gary Anderson

      Missouri Fans: We (Hog Fans) have been very positive to your entry into the SEC and welcome you wholeheartedly. We think you will be an great asset to the SEC . But please, please, do not reference the Cotton Bowl of recent years, when our Infamous Coach, HDN, left in the middle of the night and the team was guided by a defensive coordinator that gave it his best shot but could not motivate the team that was already looking to the NFL. The backfield was populated by not just Darren McFadden but also, Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis. We had just beaten the nations #1 team, LSU when this coaching debacle happened. Given ordinary circumstances, we would have made a decent game of it (possibly won). You had a good/great team and we now look forward to your participation in the SEC. PS. I watched the Independence Bowl tonight and pulled mightily for the Tigers. Congratulation!

    16. Stacey M.

      It was just “Faux Paws” on Truman’s part.

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    18. Judy is an idiot

      Uh, Judy…the SEC already IS a great football conference. Adding Mizz-Who? and Texas A &/or M isn’t going to make it a better conference…it will just give all the power teams two more weak sisters to pound the crap of. Evidently, having Ole Miss, Kentucky and Vanderbilt isn’t enough for the SEC.

    19. Methzou is stupid

      Methzou are that stupid? All you stupid people have on Missouri is meth. Stay classy. Gary Anderson for example has great class. No wonder America is in the s***hole. It’s people don’t have class at all

    20. KU has no class

      Lots of classy comments on here (sarcasm). Kansas fans??? Kansas fans have no class??? NO!!!! You’re kidding hahahahhaa

    21. Tom

      The only way to make it to the BCS Bowl this year was to be an SEC team. Must be they are the best to accomplish what no other division ever has!!!

    22. 12/27/11

      C’mon Man

    23. Adam

      Missery….I mean Missouri has always had a tradition of dropping the ball in the Big 12. I expect them to continue this proud tradition in the evil empire…I mean SEC.

    24. Gator

      Missouri may be a decent team to mix in the SEC but why does the SEC want them? They are neither in the South or the East. Seems to me SEC basketball could use a boost and eforts to add an ACC team like UNC, Duke, or NC State would be warranted should there be an interest

    25. Missouri #1 Fan

      Who cares if people in Missouri do meth? They are no affecting you and this is a free country last time I checked. In my opinion there should be no controlled substances in this country anyways (libertarian :) ). Besides meth is good to take during final weeks to cram!

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