Up Close and Personal With Oregon’s Rose Bowl Helmets

By Adam Kramer   Dec. 28, 2011

Earlier this week, Nike showcased Oregon’s 2012 Rose Bowl uniforms and we all said, “Oh, man. Look at how crazy that helmet is. Shucks, they did it again!” We also said that same thing about the uniform and the prototype wing, which would serve as the world’s first decapitating stiff arm.

On Wednesday, however, we got out first actual look at the helmet, which you just ordered for your bowling bag.


Give Oregon credit. They’ve somehow created a skull protector that can display an opponent’s fear right back at them. I mean, just look at how clear that gentleman with the camera phone looks below?


Be afraid, Wisconsin. Be very afraid. Be EXTRA afraid if you fear movies like The Big Lebowski, the video game Halo, or your own reflection.

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    2. 12/28/11

      That bowling ball come complete with an autograph from Big Ern McCracken?

    3. Bob

      All style and no substance. Another beatdown coming up for the Ducks!

    4. Ben

      Is anyone else concerned about the fact that Oregon will basically be wearing mirrors on their heads in the California sun? I’m all for crazy uniforms as marketing plows so long as they don’t affect the game. Hopefully this doesn’t affect what could be a fantastic race to 60 points!

    5. Fox

      If Oregon would be more concerned with what’s happening on the football field instead of playing runway model dressup, they might have a BCS Title by now.

    6. Mike Szucs


    7. josh

      I hope you didn’t buy tickets to this game, cause with those helmets, without sunglasses, you’ll pretty much be seeing Wisconsin vs. Sun/Light Beams… whew, and here I thought Oregon didn’t have enough uniform options

    8. jnunny

      Two teams that suck against real power teams. Need to put on makeup to be noticed!!!!

    9. Mike Szucs

      U must like ‘em or u wouldn’t be on this post.

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    12. JIM

      the ducks don’t have defense but they have plenty of offense thats why they lost to lsu and usc but they still won the pac12 even though usc wasn’t able to play

    13. JIM

      and they get all their uniforms for free for obvious reasons without all they’re nike gear they wouldn’t get any recruits so its actually helping them because all kids care about these days is how much money they’re getting from a university to play football there and how good they will look when playing

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