Robert Griffin III is at the Sugar Bowl… So Are His Elmo Socks

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 03, 2012

We’ve seen him rock Superman socks on college football’s grandest stage, but apparently we haven’t seen the last of Robert Griffin III’s magnificent sock collection.

When he’s not winning the Heisman or throwing for 955 yards and 18 touchdowns in a single game, RG3 likes to kick back and relax just like everyone else. The only difference, however, is you could never possibly pull off wearing Elmo socks at the Sugar Bowl. This man absolutely can.

Georgia tight end Aron White sent out the following tweet showing of RG3’s stylish feet warmers before Tuesday night’s big game, and it’s safe to say that he’s starting a magnificent trend that will absolutely fail if you try it. This is for Heisman winners only.

Sock on, RG3. Sock on.

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