Catch or No Catch? Regardless, Danny Coale’s Effort Was Absurd

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 04, 2012

Before we make our case for whether or not Virginia Tech’s Danny Coale pulled in this grab in overtime of the Sugar Bowl, we must first appreciate the moment itself.

You can debate the call in either direction, but you cannot debate that this is one of the finest plays you will ever see a wideout make. This might be the best ruled incompletion you will ever see.

When we saw the catch live it appeared there was absolutely NO CHANCE he somehow caught the ball and got his knee down. Upon replay after replay, however, we saw just how close (and perhaps good) it actually was.

The call was ruled a touchdown on the field, and after watching this play close to a hundred times I simply would not have overturned it. It’s a tough call, a really tough call, and you can certainly make a case for both sides. It’s incredibly close but since a touchdown was the call before the booth got a look at it, I would have stayed with it. I thought his elbow came down in bounds and that he secured the ball enough to back up the initial ruling. Just my .02 cents.

It’s a moot point now (although it is a solid debate), and the story after this incompletion is somewhat simple. Virginia Tech kicker Justin Myer – who was superb this evening given the scenario - finally missed a kick in OT, and Michigan made their field goal shortly after to win the game.

And while Danny Coale’s non-catch catch won’t show up in the box score, he deserves a ginormous Internet applause for this one.

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    1. IMHO, a catch. Elbow down, ball does not move upon contact with ground.

      A+ catch, C- review team.

    2. 1/5/12

      Yes, the ball moves a lot upon contact. Most angles don’t show this. The ground clearly helps him secure the catch. A great effort, but unfortunately for him not a proper catch.

    3. Micah k

      The fact that at least half of us still believe it was a catch even still, proves how big a travesty overturning the call was. There is no indisputable evidence that it was not a catch!

    4. Reality

      @Baltimorean: “The ball moves a LOT upon contact” and “the ground CLEARLY helps him secure the catch,” but “most angles DON’T show this.” Your eyesight is CLEARLY not much better than your logic. For you, other morons, and all the haters, the reason the ball moves is not because the grounds helps him secure the catch, it’s because his 170 pound body landed on top of the ball after he caught it, along with his elbow, which is what established possession and made it a catch. The game was OVER if the correct call on the field was correctly upheld, as there was NO way Michigan was going to move the ball, let alone score another touchdown against the dominant Hokie defense, so this is how you sell more commercials. Of course they would have some a few more had the Hokies made their kick, which would have been much easier to do had Beamer called a timeout to give his team a chance to settle down after a CLEARLY incorrect call, as I was screaming for him to do. Welcome to the corruption that is the NCAA and BCS.

      P.S.: It’s time for you to go play outside. Catch yourself a football as securely as your heart desires, dive on top of it, and YOU keep it from moving. When your friends finally stop laughing at your attempts to suck the air back into your tiny chest, they will tell you that the ball moved, no matter how securely you had caught it, if you have friends…

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