Arkansas State Fan Delivers Ultimate Stadium Sign

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 08, 2012

Coming up with a perfect stadium sign is something many have all tried, but rarely does the attempt live up to such high expectations. An Arkansas State fan, however, used more than just a piece of paper or cardboard to create one of the most amazing stadium signs we have ever seen.

The Bowl featured Arkansas State and Northern Illinois. That’s just fine and dandy, but this lovely gentleman is excited about the future of Arky State football now that Gus Malzahn is the head coach of the team he loves. He was so excited about this opportunity, that he gave up his right arm to seal the deal.

The bowl season sign competition is over. Please turn off the lights and tip your waiters.

(Hat Tip Illegal Shift, Image Amanda Kaschube)

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    1. Bonnie Thrasher

      This is Matt Hubbard, ASU RTV graduate, a scholarship golfer while he attended ASU and an all-around outstanding guy.

    2. B

      Lol. Aww, Matt. I went to high school & graduated with him.

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    5. Sean

      Nobody should ever bring a sign to an athletic event. Ever again. This gentleman wins signs at games, now and forever.

    6. Fonda Lofton

      See that smile. That’s always on Matt’s face. Matt was one of the best students we ever had at Jonesboro High School. He never let his physical disability be an excuse for anything. He played basketball, golf, you name. Went to college on a golf scholarship. The kids learned a lot from Matt because he never acted like anything was different about him. Love the sign. So typical of his great personality and positive outlook on life. Thanks for posting this photo. We are all so excited about Gus Malzahn.

    7. Vicki M

      Matt never allowed the lack of his right arm to deter him from doing anything he ever wanted to do! Such a great kid!

    8. BOB

      What’s a Malzen retard?

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