Alabama, Your 2012 Drunk Voicemail National Champions

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 11, 2012

Executing the proper drunk voicemail is an art. The booze intake must be over-the-top, but you must also be able to function to a degree. There must also be a particular emotion that sparks the call.

The perfect storm for this scenario occurred on Monday when Alabama won the national title. And then it was on.

Enter: Excited ‘Bama bro who’s intoxicated, excited as all hell and just heard the beep on the other end. That was his cue. It was then his time to shine, and he did not disappoint. Kudos to him for unloading on silence and to his friend(s) for recognizing the brilliance of this call.

Disclaimer: The breathing coughing yelling screaming language featured in this one-sided phone conversation is very much NSFW and it also gets somewhat loud. Translation: you might want to hold off cranking this in your cubicle or showing it to your boss. Unless, of course, he speaks SEC.

You’ve been warned, but trust me you’ll REALLY ENJOY THIS.



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    1. 1/12/12

      Things like this should be deleted right away! Ha

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