Alabama Animal Clinic Sign Takes Lovely Jab at LSU

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 12, 2012

When a local animal hospital is trolling you, you know things have reached Trollcon Level 4.

We witnessed what the Alabama fans could do at their basketball game against LSU, but the Alabama trolling runs much deeper than that. The Fairhope Animal Clinic in Fairhope, AL posted the following message on their sign just outside their building after Alabama took down LSU in Monday’s title game.

Yes, an animal clinic. You know, the kind of facility that could treat a “Badly Beaten Honey Badger.”

In a way, I sort of wish this sign wasn’t just a pretty hilarious jab. Owning a honey badger (even a badly beaten one) would be like having the world’s most amazing guard dog or something.

[calls wife]

[tells wife I’m purchasing honey badger]

[wife leaves]

[honey badger arrives]

[honey badger bites arm in first two hours]

[goes to hospital]

[sends honey badger back]

[gets really sad]

(h/t The Wife Hates Sports)

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    1. 1/12/12

    2. [...] no surprise to see them gloating after their win over LSU in the National Championship Game. As Kegs ‘N Eggs pointed out, The Fairhope Animal Clinic in Fairhope, AL wasted little time taking a shot at LSU’s Honey [...]

    3. Lisa Stutesman

      As a wife to a LSU Veterinarian, a daughter to LSU grads and a sister to a graduate from LSU, I am very disappointed that another so-called compassionate professional in the field of Veterinary Medicine would stoop to this level of play on words. My husband and I attended the game, had a fantastic time with LSU fans as well as your Alabama fans (which by the way are some of the most respectful group of people to tailgate with!!) but finding this sign displayed on internet really dampens the spirit of what clients believe in their veterinarians as soft-hearted, genuine people. “Honey Badger” a well-rounded football player didn’t get to show much of his talented action due to the fact the ball wasn’t thrown in his direction much nor was it punted in his direction. Hardly worth wasting time slashing a young athlete!! As a huge LSU Fan I can say, We Lost, Game Over, Move On….see you in November at Death Valley in Tiger Stadium!

    4. nornor13

      better be careful i dont think you want to make a HUNNY BADGER mad!

    5. Wayne Reed

      “The ball wasn’t thrown in his direction much”? Which game did you say you attended?

    6. welbyvet

      Lisa, As a veterinarian in Florida, I found my Alabama colleaques play on words to be very funny. It has nothing to do with his compassion. So back off and find yourself a sense of humor. Go GATORS…

    7. Jim Kennedy

      The one fact that I am aware of is, Bama soundly defeated LSU, I am happy aout that.
      Before the game, I heard each day, comments that were supposedly made by the badger and other LSU players, putting Alabama players and the University down. I do not know that to be a fact, however, it is a fact that these comments created a determination with the Bama people, that they would beat LSU as soundly as possible and they did that.

    8. Lisa

      Mr. Reed, the ball was thrown once in 1st qtr in his direction, two times in 2nd qtr, once in 3rd and none in the 4th!! And you can count on one hand how many times the ball was carried in his direction. I am not taking away from Alambama’s game plan because it was a great one!! All AL coaches had to do was watch the first half of the GA game and know the plan. Any one team would have beat us that day, that is a given. Unfortunately, “Honey Badger” had nothing to do with loss nor deserve to be slandered on a DVM sign!!

      Mr. FL Vet, it has everything to do with compassion, you of all people should know this!! Geaux Tigers!!

    9. Chris

      I am from Louisiana and am not offended by the sign. Unlike Lisa, I do have a sense of humor. After all, a huge number of LSU fans were bashing Alabama in the weeks leading up to the game. They got a taste of their own medicine with the shutout. I watch college football, but am a bigger NFL fan. GOOOOOOOO SAINTS!

    10. Texas Tide

      “Honey Badger” was “part of a team” that lost to Bama. Yes he contributed to the cause. Yea Bama punted the ball to him, and yea Bama contained him to nothing yardage. Again I poise the question to you, what game did you see?

      Roll Tide, Roll!

      btw: The Crimson Tide owns the record at “Death Valley” we love making that trip there.

    11. James Corte

      Sorry if our sign upset ya’ll. We have a lot of fun with it but it is always meant to be in good fun and without malice. Our dedication to the care of our patients is unwavering and has nothing to do with the witty signs that we display for everyone’s enjoyment. As a 4th generation Auburn Graduate who bleeds Orange and Blue and also did a clinical year at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine , please dont mistake me for a Bama fan. Just a guy having some fun
      War Damn Eagle!
      Dr James V. Corte

    12. 1/13/12

      Dr Corte, You have nothing to apologize for. You have a wonderful sense of humor and there is so much pain and suffering in the world it’s nice for someone to give a smile. Keep up the good work!

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