Steve Spurrier On Smoking and Sloppiness

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 17, 2012

The Ol’ Ball Coach’s awesomeness knows no bounds.

We love Steve Spurrier for his obsession with golf, his visor/headset tosses, and the fact that he drinks Coors Original shirtless at NASCAR events. That’s certainly not everything, but these items would surface near the top of our lengthy list.

Now, however, we can add another very wonderful item to this grouping: Assistant Coach Preferences.

This comes courtesy of The State’s Josh Kendall, and we’re hoping some glorious video/audio will surface soon enough. For now, just take in these tweets and think about Spurrier contemplating these matters, all the while thinking about which clubs he needs to get regripped.

Take note, wannabe assistant coaches. Put out that cigarette and PLEASE try not to act so fat and sloppy.

Asked Steve Spurrier criteria for hiring asst. coach. Second on list: "non-smokers" Why? "Because it's stupid. Smoking is stupid."
Josh Kendall

In addition to looking for non-smokers, Steve Spurrier says he doesn't want "fat, sloppy guys" as assistant coaches.
Josh Kendall

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    1. 1/17/12

    2. 1/18/12

      It’s too bad that dream Spurrier-Weis coaching pairing will never take shape.

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    4. james

      i like the “smoking is stupid” comment, its not exactly a smart thing to do, but isnt it just a tad hypocritical to call a smoker stupid with coors in hand, i mean its not exactly a healthy drink… maybe not as politically incorrect to drink, but still… just a thought.

    5. 6/6/12

      I would not say that smoking is stupid, however it is not wise. It damages your body and everyone knows this. SO, why continue harming your body? Use ecigs to help quit since they really work.

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