Joe Paterno Memorial Service Tickets Hit Ebay

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 24, 2012

Earlier today, Ebay had two tickets to Joe Paterno’s Thursday Memorial Service for sale, only for a short while (seen above). The tickets, which quickly became an active Twitter topic, were pulled once the bidding quickly became outrageous. It certainly didn’t take long.

The bidding was put to a stop once the two tickets approached $100,000 with nearly a full day left to bid. It’s hard to say what the hell happened here, although it’s pretty obvious that the bids were likely fake once this topic gained momentum. It’s also hard to know what to make of the tickets – if there were tickets – and if there was any authentic intent on either side.

Aside from being, well, wrong on many levels, this also goes against Ebay policy. An individual is not allowed to sell tickets that were originally sold for free to the public.

Call it another bizarre occurrence in a terrible situation loaded with bizarre happenings, call it greed, or call it a combination of Internet tomfoolery with no real substance to it whatsoever. Truth is, it’s probably a combination of the three.

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      This is absurd!

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