Jeremy Liggins, LSU, and the PERFECT Highlight Music

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 31, 2012

There’s an art to creating a good YouTube highlight film. This footage is used for scouting but also serves the massive task of entertaining the restless members of the Internet. The majority of this lies within the player himself, and Noel Devine showed us what a tiny human being could do when given the ball repeatedly in high school. Magical, amazing things.

The other part of this footage, however, is the music. Rap/Hip Hop is a very popular choice for these videos, which is just fine by me. It just seems to go well with ankles being broken and players being trucked.

Then there’s the silent highlight film, which is downright awkward. These typically are the scouting sites’ videos of a particular player and will likely include arrows pointing to wherever said player is on the field. If you can hear yourself breathing while watching someone juke, it just doesn’t feel right. This is more for the serious viewer that needs full concentration.

And then there’s the highlight reel for Mississippi QB Jeremy Liggins, who committed to LSU on Monday evening. Liggins is a unique talent at quarterback in that he’s bigger than 95% of the defensive lineman he played against. He’s 6’3”, 270 pounds and can actually move quite well for his size.

We enjoy seeing large men score touchdowns (See: FAT GUY TOUCHDOWNS) and we’re damn happy to welcome Jeremy to the college football fraternity. As for his YouTube highlight, well, you combine a 270-pound high school QB AND music like you’re about to hear and you’ve got yourselves one of the greatest things you will ever get to see.

Video Via LSUfreek

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    1. 1/31/12

      It’s the second coming of Rohan Davey!

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    3. Dubl Clutch

      got to this highlight link thru dandydon. perfect music??? maybe if you are a white boy that went to high school in the early to mid 80′s and your favorite movie is the original “Footloose”!

      Good QB skills but moffet has his work cut out for him!

    4. 2/4/12

      Is that Kiss?

    5. James

      One thing I did notice is he tends to lock onto a receiver until he throws.

    6. RangerRick

      That’s high school- they’ll teach him how to look off the safety, and progress thru the options. Should be interesting to see this kid–

    7. 2/5/12

      Great Highlights, I see a young man that will grow into a great addition to a already great program. This young man has a great deal of raw talent. Give a couple of years he will lead a great class of young men/

    8. TRIPLE D


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