Zach Banner is Massive, and He’s Headed to USC

By Adam Kramer   Jan. 31, 2012

A high school athlete than can barely purchase cigarettes or visit a strip club should not be 6’9” and just over 300 pounds. We’ve seen lineman this size before, although this kind of height is rare even in this era. Still, 6’9” and 305 (maybe 310 pounds depending on the day and/or scale) is not something you should ever get used to, regardless of the age.

5-star tackle Zach Banner committed to USC on Monday, and he is indeed a mammoth human being. He won’t just be a key piece of the USC offensive line (he also played defense in high school), but he will also play basketball. At least that’s how he feels right now.

Although Banner will likely need to figure out how to make the most of that size, let’s first talk about that size. Actually, let’s just watch highlight film of him playing both offense and defense against kids (and they are kids) that are literally half his size.

Time will tell if he’ll pan out at USC, but this is a really nice starting point. Also, my wife will absolutely never let our children play football if she sees this video, so don’t tell her.

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