Video: Cassanova McKinzy Signs With Auburn Citing Chick-Fil-A Reasons

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 01, 2012

Picking the right university is never an easy decision for a high school athlete. Academics, location, the coaching staff, the fan base and other important matters all impact an individual’s selection process. Finding the perfect fit is hard to do, and it was clear that many struggled with this on National Signing Day.

Alabama linebacker Cassanova McKinzy signed with Auburn on Wednesday, picking them over Clemson. When asked to explain why he ended up signing with the Tigers over the, eh, Tigers, McKinzy offered up a truly outstanding response.

Forget academics or the depth chart or the refined coaching staff. McKinzy picked Auburn because of the “environment” and also because Clemson does not have a Chick-Fil-A on campus. Yes, we understand this isn’t the ONLY reason, but we wouldn’t fault him if it was.

Chick-Fil-A really is that amazing.

(A wonderful hat tip to SB Nation)

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    2. Jim

      Funny thing is, Clemson DOES have a Chick-fil-A on campus!

    3. Gary

      Clearly, this guy won’t be an academic star at Auburn…assuming Auburn even cares if their players attend class. Having worked for a major university athletic program, I’m pretty sure Cam didn’t make much of an attempt at being a student.

    4. 2/2/12

      Why would Cam have needed to go to class? He was 1 and done from the get go…

    5. markg6078

      Uh…beg to differ… At Auburn this guy will be an “academic star”. It’s all relative.

    6. 2/2/12

      These guys have to attend school. My goodness. You arogant imbiciles.

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    8. 2/3/12

      Hey at least he is being honest…..

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