Meet Semisi Tupou, Idaho’s BIGGEST Man on Campus

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 02, 2012

A JUCO offensive lineman committing to Idaho won’t drastically alter the National Signing Day buzz.  If that lineman is 6’5”, 400 pounds, however, it will certainly make you stop once or twice to see what’s going on.

The official Idaho twitter feed was sending out their commitments yesterday when this glorious piece of information strolled by. Semisi Tupou had sent in his LOI.

Official - National Letter of Intent Received: Semisi Tupou, 6'5, 400 pound offensive lineman from Buena Park, CA
Idaho Vandals

Now THAT is a LARGE man.

After further digging, Semisi was actually in the class of 2009 where he took his talents to Cerritos College. He played both offensive and defensive line in high school and eventually settled at o-line. He will now take his LARGE frame and play offensive line for Idaho in the fall.

Think for a second what it would be like to line up against Semisi. Now, it’s clear he’s not the most talented lineman in the country – otherwise he’d likely be at a much different destination by now – but having to go up against him in any shape or form would be hazardous for all parties involved except for him.

Depending on your size, he probably has you outweighed by at least 150 pounds – and that’s if you’re a big dude. Some of you he might even have doubled up. Now imagine being locked in with Semisi, falling backwards and him complet the pancake using your frame as his landing. Yea, that would suck.

We wish Semisi nothing but the best at Idaho and pass along our prayers for all undersized defensive linemen he will face. Oh hello, amazing highlight video cued up to 2Pac.

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