The Hunt For the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift is Over

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 07, 2012

Struggling to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? If so, perhaps we can help.

Now, we must first mention that we are in no shape or form in partnering up with We’d be happy to get paid to write about our favorite SEC flowers, but we’re doing this because we love seeing college football work its way awkwardly into our lives, and also because it’s the offseason and, well, Yahoo! has yet to take down someone with a massive journalistic clothesline.

FTD is currently offering college-centric rose bouquets, which actually look quite nice. Gentlemen, if you’re hoping to dazzle her with a romantic rendition of “Roll Tide Roll” now you have your chance. Some of the teams available for purchase include: LSU, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Oregon, Miami and more.

[refrains from making a Les Miles flower consumption joke, refrains from making a Les Miles flower consumption joke]

It’s pricey, but if she’s a college football fan, your chances of getting lucky seem rather high. If she’s not a college football fan, perhaps she will be once she stares blankly at the green and yellow roses for an hour or two. Just tell her they’re sponsored by Nike — they’re not — and dim the lights.

Awwwww yea.

(h/t to the magnificent @celebrityhottub)

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    3. 2/8/12

      Genius marketing idea by FTD. They also have Erin Andrews promoting the product on Twitter…. use link and get 20% off. If your girlfriend asks why you got her team themed flowers, you can honestly say “Erin Andrews said they were a great gift idea!”

    4. 1/7/13 Perfect give for your valentine! Custom made in your choice of color & fabulous scent!

    5. amada

      wow cool~~

    6. Here’s my choice for my Valentine’s Day football gift basket. He’s going to love it!

    7. 1/19/13

      Dozens of Free DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas, Receipes, flower arrangements, decorations, home decor, and dozens of free printables and craft ideas.

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