An Alabama billboard is encouraging Tiger Pride

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 14, 2012

Ladies of Auburn, the time has come.

It’s time to show your support for your school by enhancing yourselves accordingly. No, you don’t have to paint your face or show forced enthusiasm at a football game or tailgate. All you have to do — accordingly to an Alabama billboard — is express your self…in the form of plastic surgery. (And we’re not talking about a simple nose job, either)

This billboard has popped up on I-85 and certainly will garner the attention of just about every man, regardless of who they root for. Women, well, they might not be so keen on the idea. Unless, of course, they’re interested in showing off their TIGER PRIDE.

We’re not exactly sure how the two relate, but we do know that Plastic Surgery Associates of Montgomery has gotten their money’s worth with this ad.

(h/t War Eagle Reader)

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