LaRon Landry is in Acceptable Offseason Shape

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 23, 2012

You sit down at your normal curling station at your local gym, and you look to your right.

Oh hey, why is that guy curling the entire stack? And oh hey, look two of his buddies are standing on the weights as well. What is that, like, 700 pounds?

Hey, that’s former LSU missile/defensive back LaRon Landry!

“Hey LaRon!”

“You must work out a little bit, right?”

[LaRon picks me up, curls me 100 times]

[weight not enough so he adds in two 45-pounds plates into his arms, one of which I think just cracked a rib]

[does 100 more curls]

“Why are you so fat,” he asks me.

[adds two more plates, follows it up with 400 more curls]

DISCLAIMER: We don’t know if this was Photoshopped or if LaRon is actually part Musclebot (a muscular robot), but knowing the Internet we’ll go with “maybe” on both.

[Wonderful hat tip, no, spot to Hogs Haven]

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    1. allfailtheskins

      Doesn’t matter how large your guns are, desean jackson will continue to burn you every play. Your a safety not a linebacker.

    2. Eaglesuckskinboners

      Seems that DeSean Jackson didn’t burn too many people himself this past season, huh? His head has gotten WAY TOO BIG!!!

    3. Justin


    4. Mitch

      stupidity is rampant in eagles fans. The only time DeSean “blew landry up” was when his teammate Reed Doughty blew his coverage. If you where smart you would have figured out that Landry came all the way back from a mid zone to make a play on the ball. Oh btw.. how is DeSean doing? You must be proud of those two 100 yard games.

    5. C-Swagger

      Steriods anybody?

    6. Yo Mitch, suck a dick bud. You’d probably blow DJax to play for the skins.

    7. Reed

      Yo Mitch – from Philly,

      Yeah, just like DJax blew Reid to make the team

    8. TJ

      Ok guys, let’s settle down with the name calling and suxing jokes. To be real I’m an Eagles fan all day, but I respect greatness where it is due and holy crap is he huge now! He looks like he should convert to linebacker, unless he can keep up his speed and coverage skills. I love Desean, but if Laron can get his hands on him its a wrap. He will break him in half. Desean has gotten much more conceited in recent history and the injuries and poor sportmanship don’t help him. He needs to humble himself and get back to the game that pays his salary. I respect the skins solely because I was a huge Sean Taylor fan (R.I.P.), and he was the first skins mentor for young Landry. Chew on that people…

    9. zmann2008

      All them muscles and Brandon Jacobs still ran him over LOL

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