Vick Ballard Stumbles, Crashes During 40 Attempt at Combine

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 26, 2012

Former Mississippi State running back Vick Ballard is a guy I like quite a bit.

In fact, he’ll probably be a good pickup for a team looking for a solid back outside the first or second round. He found the end zone 31 times the past two seasons and did so for a team where the quarterback play was, well, questionable at best. We’re being kind. With that on the table, Ballard’s first 40 attempt at the Combine was a hilarious wreck.

Shortly after he began his run, Ballard stumbled and then crashed landed into one of the many pieces of equipment setup to time these runs. I’ve witnessed a lot of strange things at this event, but this is a first. And yes, he was just fine which is very good news.

Thanks to SB Nation we have this fall in GIF form. Oh, it gets better.

When asked to cue this video up the Crocodile Mile theme, SB Nation provided that as well.

Game over, we can all go home now.

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    2. jose

      feel bad for the guy, but I have to say that I was laughing with the Crocodile mile theme in the background. :)

    3. TJ

      Hey give the guy some credit. He did an amazing job of avoiding the camera while falling. I feel that was actually better to me in a way because if he can fall and still spin out of the way, you gotta hand it to him.

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