Video: Former Cal QB breaks paper airplane world record

By Adam Kramer   Feb. 28, 2012

Former Cal quarterback Joe Ayoob has found his calling.

Ayoob transferred to Cal back in 2005 where he started 9 games after Nate Longshore (who I feel like is somehow getting ready for his 14th season in college) went down with an injury. He also started 4 games in 2006 and had mixed results. Now, however, he’s moved on and is using his golden arm in a much different competitive venue.

Ayoob just broke the record for longest paper airplane throw.That’s right, he’s taken your classroom boredom ambitions and reached the top of the mountain.  Oh, and there’s video. Wonderful, impressive, you-could-try-to-do-this-but-you-won’t video.

Video: Paper Airplane history


  • Cal

    1. lafish

      Gotta love a guy who’s last name is Boo Ya, spelled backwards.

    2. emlit

      ^ Post of the year

    3. bino

      when I was in middle school I made an Airplane at a Cavs game and threw it from the upper seats. It stayed in the air for about 4 minutes. It kept hitting air foils and would climb, it was in the air so long the whole place was cheering. so I smashed that record

    4. Jimmy DeAgua

      The first time someone as cheered at a Cavs game?

    5. Mike

      It’s distance not duration. Duh!!

    6. jt

      who cares

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