Video: Collin Klein Badger “Don’t Give a Darn”

By Adam Kramer   Mar. 01, 2012

The Honey Badger theme has morphed from a pretty solid YouTube attempt into one of the most notable nicknames in college football history. When Brent Musburger blurted out “Honey Badger Don’t Care,” we knew it all was over from there.

And then, there’s this awkward bit of shark jumping. PG Honey Badger YouTube video has teamed up with Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein. The results are cringe-inducing.

No, it’s not Randall – the original HB – and yes, that is a violin in the background. Although some of you might get through the whole thing, my bet’s on “OH GOD MAKE IT STOP” with a synchronized browser close-up just over 35 seconds in. The video actually hit YouTube in December, but has been a hidden gem (?????) since then.

Commenter reptarkster said it best:  “I had to go smoke a cigarette after watching this”

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