Creating Our Own Madness: The 2012 Edition

By Adam Kramer   Mar. 15, 2012

There’s absolutely no reason to generate a 64-team bracket for college football. One, it will never happen. Two, it’s an absolutely pointless and ridiculous exercise. And three, I did it anyway for the second consecutive year because I REALLY enjoyed aggravating fan bases that were incredibly unhappy with their mock seeding.

Yes, it’s March Madness and college football fans are forced to focus on quarterback battles in spring practice while the sporting world collapses on itself with every upset. If you’re a basketball fan, this is like Christmas. If you’re a gambler, this is like Christmas. If you’re a football fan in desperate need of, well, football, this is basically the opposite of Christmas.

Consider this a gift to all of you…

The criteria for seeding the teams remained the same. Final BCS standings and other rankings were taken into account, as were a team’s regular season performance, bowl finish, location for bracketing and a personal bit of the ol’ eyeball test to complete the process. Note: This does not take into account any 2012 happenings (other than bowls).

Ron Zook is very much a part of this, we might as well make that clear right off the bat. As for USC, they are back in. They were not included in the festivities last year because of the whole violations things, but our rules committee (me drinking a PBR) has lifted the ban.

Last year I did this exercise and received hate mail regarding the status of a 12 seed in a mock playoff. That was more than enough reason to do it again, and I hope to hear your thoughts regarding this year’s attempt.

And here it is.

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    1. Derrick

      You have the top 3 teams from the Big 10 (MSU, UW, UM) all in the same bracket, while the top teams from other conferences are spread out. Other than that, nice job.

    2. Adam Kramer

      Tough Balancing out location (trying) with conferences, but good catch. Thanks.

    3. Jim Delany

      So if the other Big 10 teams are in this playoff Minnesota gets to play in the Rose Bowl right?

    4. 3/15/12

      Ooo. It moved.

    5. 3/15/12

      December/January Madness….lets do it in 2013!

    6. 3/15/12

      Dadgummit…that makes sense!

    7. GoDuckYourself

      3 PAC12 teams are a 2 seed or better…..what was that about our strength of schedule? #GoDucks

    8. BandofIdiots

      USC would not be eligible per NCAA ban

    9. Trent

      Is there a point to hash tagging in a comment besides looking like a tool?

    10. Buckeye414

      OSU can’t play, bowl ban and all…


      Even if UNC wasn’t banned, they would be lower.

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    13. kenny

      You should spread the conferences out like they do in basketball. Would be dumb to have two SEC east teams play in the first round. Spread them out so they don’t have to play until sweet 16 like in bball

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