Video: An Iowa all-star game showcases the shotgun alley-opp

By Adam Kramer   Apr. 01, 2012

The college football offseason is cruel. It is a painful marathon that tests our patience and willpower. It makes us do things we wouldn’t normally think of doing, like post video from an all-star basketball game that took place in Iowa. (The Pride of Iowa Senior All-Star Game to be exact.)

Iowa knows how to help mend our offseason woes, however. You take something that’s just fine as is, like basketball, and sprinkle in a little bit of the ol’ option alley-oop. I say this casually, but really I’ve never seen anything quite like this.

Operating out of the shotgun in a basketball game indeed has its benefits, although I’m not quite sure the wideout (shooting guard, power forward, whatever) came to a complete stop which clearly would have drawn a flag. Still, the execution is flawless.

Dana Holgorsen is drawing up this play right now and will have it fully implemented by the end of the week. His team will be flagged when the wideout dunks the ball over the upright, and he will respond by cursing out the nearest referee with his eyes.

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    1. Scott Nelsen

      Sad thing about this play, it would have been the most high-flying play of the year if the Hawkeyes ran it.

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