Vote For the Cy-Hawk Trophy 2.0

By Adam Kramer   Apr. 14, 2012

The Cy-Hawk Trophy has gone through one hell of a year.

First, there was the announcement of the new trophy last year, which was soon axed because it was pretty awful. The Iowa teams then agreed to play for an interim trophy last year, which Iowa State promptly destroyed only minutes after a thrilling late win over Iowa.

Now, however, fans have one last chance to vote for the future Cy-Hawk Trophy version 2.0.

More than 500 designs were submitted and judged by a panel of former players and coaches (sure, why not), and they narrowed the finalists down to six. After some excruciating decision-making, [INSERT SARCAM FONT HERE], they further narrowed it down to three.

And now, it’s time for us to decide. Here are your finalists, with the images coming courtesy of The Gazette’s Scott Dochterman.

Option One – Angry Mascots Holding Football With Corn Backdrop

Option Two – Um, That Kind of Looks Like…

Option Three – The World’s Least Stalk-like Corn Stalk

You may now sprint here, and vote for your Cy-Hawk o’ choice. Voting will remain open through April 30th.

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