Who Wants Bobby Petrino’s Beat-Up Hog?

By Adam Kramer   May. 09, 2012

If you’re an Arkansas fan, motorcycle nut or collector of obscure college football memorabilia (and really, who isn’t at least one of the three?) do we have a deal for you.

Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle that crashed with Jessica Dorrell on the back, and set along a variety of other crashes in the process, can now be yours! Yes, it needs to be repaired – it did crash after all – but there is no other item out there quite like this.

It’s a 2007 Harley that needs reportedly $18,000 is work, yet the overall value is only $16,000. I’m not a motorcycle repairs expert by any means BUT I’LL TAKE IT, YES PLEASE. Oh, and the primary damage came on the “front end.”

[tries hard to make joke, tries hard not to make joke]

The current bid is $2,550 over $4,000 and this piece – even if you don’t want to repair it – would look absolutely smashing in your living room. The wife (or perhaps girlfriend or mistress seems more appropriate in this instance) will absolutely love it!

[h/t FOTP and Arkansasmatters.com]

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