USF player removed from softball game after sneaking in a snake

By Adam Kramer   May. 26, 2012

Softball is proving to provide eventful college news in the 2012 offseason, and our latest underhand victim is none other than South Florida cornerback Chris Bivins.

Bivins did something all of us have wanted to do at some point. Right? RIGHT?

Yes, he tried the ol’ “this is a bracelet and not actually a snake” trick. Like, actually tried it.

#USF CB Chris Bivins just got booted from softball game for bringing a snake in the stadium. Wearing it like a bracelet. I've seen it all.
Bryan Holt

As for quarterback B.J. Daniels, well, he wasn’t having it.

QB BJ Daniels wanted no part of Bivins' bal python. He bailed from his seats in front of us but has since returned.
Bryan Holt

And so, Bivins becomes the first player, to my knowledge, to be removed from an event for this violation.

Alabama fan/tree poisoner/ROLL DAMN TIDE Harvey Updyke was booted from a softball game a few weeks ago for being there. The University of Alabama released a statement on the matter, although to Updyke’s credit he did not attempt to sneak a baby elephant in under his houndstooth undershirt.

Now THAT would be something.

[h/t SB Nation]


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