How to Throw the Perfect Pass by Taylor Martinez

By Adam Kramer   May. 29, 2012

I spent the better part of my Memorial Day Monday writing about Taylor Martinez on Bleacher Report, defending him and taking my “he should grow” stance while also citing the fact that he finally has solid ground under him. That was before I saw this video, though.

I mean, kudos to this creator. And holy hell, I’ve seen this footage before, many times, actually, but somehow it is all still shocking.

I still think Martinez can improve, but…

[watches video again]

[still gasps in horror while laughing]

[deletes column]

[h/t Chris Vannini]

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    1. Tebow lost some weight

    2. skerbater

      T-Magic baby…. natty champ here we come!

    3. [...] In 2011, Taylor was hampered by both a lack of a true QB coach (“QB”/OC Tim Beck was too busy installing a offense to help TM) and a nagging ankle injury. While throughout the season his decision making and game management skills did improve, his throwing technique was the poster child for ridicule anywhere and everywhere. [...]

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