Sneak peek? This might be the new all-black Arkansas uniform

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 04, 2012

Arkansas AD Jeff Long hinted at the fact that Arkansas might get a new look, and it appears that we have an early look at what this look might be.

The shot above made its way around the web today, and while it has yet to be confirmed, it also coincides with another image that circulated that shows the “potential” new Arkansas threads. Translation: Just announce it already, or deny it, or do nothing and we can simply keep posting about uniforms that may or may not be real.

If this uniform is indeed what Arkansas will be wearing, well, I imagine it will be received with mixed reviews. I like the black, no question, but I’m just not sure about the finished product as a whole. I’d give a grade in the “C” range, and there’s no doubt we’ve seen worse.

[cough, cough Maryland cough, cough, vomits in all directions]

I think we’ve also seen better, too.

Also, it would appear that a white version is now making its way around the web. Now THIS looks pretty sharp, and I’m like the overall look of this attempt.

So, more of this please, Hogs in charge.

[h/t Chris Bahn and Josh Bramlett]

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    1. Hugh Wallace

      I have been a Razorback fan my entire life (I am now 69) and if this is a true story it is horrible. The white jersey might be ok—-but Arkansas has one of the most recognizable uniforms in the entire country—the next thing is they will be changing the helmet. What a stupid move this would be.

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    3. hog fan

      this is terrible. just terrible

    4. i think the new uniforms are a sign of change and growth. Now we have a high powered team thats recognized for winning, and not just for the color of their jersey. i think the new colors are great. its about time they stepped away from that old traditional ones. These are not your 1967 hogs. They are our new 2012 HOGS and its time the world know who we are.

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