NCAA’13: Top 25 Ranked Teams

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 07, 2012

We have team rankings, we have individual rankings and now we have the top 25. The only thing left is the game itself and oh my God please end, June.

Texas was given a monster team ranking, which means they should be a beast in simulations and serve you well in online “see, I’m not using a top ten team” games. Also, congrats to Alabama on their 4,567th national championship.

Here is the full top 25.

1. Alabama
2. USC
3. LSU
4. Oregon
5. Oklahoma
6. Georgia
7. Arkansas
8. Florida State
9. Michigan
10. West Virginia
11. South Carolina
12. Michigan State
13. Kansas State
14. Clemson
15. Virginia Tech
16. Wisconsin
17. TCU
18. Ohio State
19. Nebraska
20. Stanford
21. Boise State
22. Texas
23. Oklahoma State
24. Notre Dame
25. Florida

[Via Pasta Padre]

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    1. Jim Delany

      Only confrence champs should be allowed in the top ten.

    2. Owen Buntch

      Jim, grow up and move out of your mothers basement!

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