Video: Red Hot Chili Peppers Sing the Michigan Fight Song in Columbus

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 11, 2012

The Red Hot Chili Peppers played at Ohio State’s basketball arena last week, and did more than put on a good show for the Ohio crowd. They also finished up with some very solid trolling.

Drummer Chad Smith is a Michigan fan, grew up in Detroit, and wanted the crowd to know it. So, just before he exited the stage, he decided to unleash a few lyrics of the Michigan fight song.

The Ohio crowd responded by… well, yeah, you probably know how.

[h/t USA Today]

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    1. 6/11/12

      apparently he decided he had made a mistake and exited stage right ….typical michigan fan brave until the going gets tough then they develop a yellow spine. come again and play columbus.

    2. john

      I love ohio state fans. QUICK send chad a death threat like your fans did to the 17 year old high school football player

    3. Nick

      What a douche.

    4. Roderick

      He did this in 200g, the last time they were in Columbus. We responded by singing “We don’t give a damn for the whole state of Michigan.” It was a great time.

    5. Tim

      Nice try, Dave. Learn a little about humor – the joke was made, staying longer adds nothing.

    6. Al

      Dave, some of you take sports played by teenagers far too seriously. Now take off that jersey and go outside & see the big world that is passing you by. Yes, that jersey. The one with someone else’s name on it. If you are too old for mom to be buying your clothes, jerseys should not be a part of your wardrobe.

    7. Cary

      dave, your Ohio University education is showing. He exited stage left.

    8. kbatrph

      Awesome job Chad!!! Next time, sing the whole song!!! I laughed my ass off….GO BLUE!!!

    9. Big Robby

      That was beautiful! And to think……they paid hard earned money to hear that!

      Go Blue!

    10. mike

      i hate both cheesy awful teams but thats funny! love that guy! he has a SENSE OF HUMOR u dumb as* rednecks from ohio! losers…RELAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX! ITS FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. 6/12/12

      And this is yet another reason why I feel great about not paying for anything by the Red Hots since Blood Sugar Sex Magik. No need for death threats or even bad words. I’m just going to find a torrent of their discography and share it with the world.

    12. Travis

      I’m surprised they even recognized the song. Michigan hasn’t been able to play it for us in quite some time. They haven’t won in Columbus in 12 years–and are 2-10 overall in that time.

    13. Travis

      Which, ironically, is about the last time RHCP put out something worth listening to.

    14. 6/12/12

      wow some fans of ol piss and blue did take offense (silly them) . but cary you need to relook at your stupid remark. you wrote ohio university education, but we are talking about Ohio state university. and you obviously are not old enough to remember snaggle puss who always used the line exit staaage right. you just take things where you want them to go in your foggy lil mind

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