LSU’s SEC Championship Rings remind us they were indeed number two

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 15, 2012

LSU’s SEC Championship rings are in, and they look marvelous. There’s one interesting aspect of them, however, that will likely garner plenty of attention. Especially from the Alabama faithful.

Being “#2 NATIONALLY” in the country is one hell of an accomplishment, there’s no doubting that. The Tigers had a tremendous season and came up just a game short of winning the title. Given how things transpired at the end, though, the literature on this ring seems somewhat curious to say the least.

Again, I certainly understand the intent, but simply can’t help doing a double-take when looking it over.

[Images via Tiger Droppings, h/t]

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    2. 6/18/12

      Oregon had some rings made after losing to Augurn by 3. We go t a lot of greif from the SEC. I think earning your way to the NCG should be celebrated. I think only sports writers and haters try to act ike it’s a negative. Ask the complainers how their team did last year.

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