Video: When TCU Orientations Go Bad

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 15, 2012

“Hello, and welcome to TCU! We’d like to thank all of you for coming to freshmen orientation, and we know you’ll really enjoy getting to know the campus! Before we do that, however…”

[lights dim ever so slightly]

[a gentleman claps enthusiastically thinking the giant, weird looking Horned Frog is going to come out on stage]

And… the show begins… and the man is disappointed. He even vomits at one point in his wife’s purse.

[performance ends]

[people begin trampling one another to leave room, there’s so much blood]

[The Big 12 calls and immediately removes TCU from all sports, burning all posters and other TCU affiliated items in a public webcast]

[TCU tries to go back to Big East]

[Big East laughs in their face at the request]

[Big East then realizes current situation and allows them to join instantly]

[they also change new division names to “Call Me” and “Maybe”]


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    1. If you really want to laugh go check out the comments in this video.

      My fav

      Thank god we had a drug bust last year to boost our street cred
      hsshibley 3 hours ago 10

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