Is This Iowa’s Throwback Uniform?

By Adam Kramer   Jun. 26, 2012

Perhaps this uniform isn’t real. Perhaps it’s just a strange creation from an Iowa fan that found a mannequin, created a throwback using inspiration of rejected Crayola colors, and propped up some Iowa merchandise to make this whole thing look authentic.

OR, perhaps this really is the Iowa uniform – or at least something similar – that Iowa will wear against Iowa State this season. It certainly appears to be the real thing, and Iowa will likely sport these bronze beauties to honor the 1921-1922 football team.

Your move, Oregon.  [cries into hands for a while]

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    1. John

      ….The fuck?!

    2. Greg Holcomb

      that’s why they suck.

    3. Andy

      It isn’t bronze, it’s called “Old Gold” and some Oregon and the Maryland uniforms are worse.

    4. Hawk7458

      I love the “Hawk’s”check out their bowl record against the S.E.C ! Idiot! Also name any team except Alabama,LSU, and Ohio State to send more player’s to the NFL? I do admit these color’s suck!

    5. Ryan

      They are throwbacks…it’s done to honor a year or a team, not to look pretty. Obviously style was very different 90 years ago. Why people criticize throwbacks is beyond me. This is what the uniform was that year. No more, no less. There’s a reason uniforms change through the years. I’m sure people of the 20′s would think many of the uniforms we use now look silly or garish. Try to have some perspective here.

    6. 6/30/12

      Tell em Andy and Ryan! All the teams that have gold as one of their colors…..the then and now are not even close with the way they look. Even though some of the teams that sported throughbacks last season not all were very cool, clean, crisp are even close to looking that good, not a big deal with the exception of one school that wears a different uniform every game and some of them are pretty bad and i think they should keep the two best with one home and one away (we all know who that is, Pacific Northwest) but for the most part I like to see them honor oldtime teams with these throughbacks by ocasionally wearing them……..

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