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Get Excited For Bowden Ball and Akron Football!

Charlie Weis Terry Bowden is in at Akron, and he’ll try and bring some excitement to a program that certainly could use it. Weis Bowden certainly has his work cut out for him, though, although he’ll embark on his new campaign soon enough with a chance to surprise just about everyone.

Here’s Weis Bowden on this year’s Akron schedule poster, getting ready for the season ahead.

Go Irish Chiefs Gators Zips!

[h/t Wiz of Odds]

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  • Published On Jun. 20, 2012 by Adam Kramer
  • Video: When Keeping it PAWWWL Goes Wrong

    An Iron Bowl video seems fitting on the day Harvey Updyke’s gets underway, and thanks to TLC’s show “On The Fly,” we have just that.

    The show focuses on Southwest Airlines employees, and one worker just happened to come across a proud Alabama fan en route to last year’s Iron Bowl game. This man “attempted” to board his plane with a clear message on his chest.

    When you wear a “Go to Hell Auburn” sticker, people will take note. They did, and this gentleman almost wasn’t allowed to take the flight because he refused to take it off. Thanks to a nearby five-year-old with stickers from Santa, however, the man finally found a “reasonable” solution. #ThatsSoSEC


    [hat tip War Eagle Reader]

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  • Published On Jun. 19, 2012 by Adam Kramer
  • Turn Away, Georgia Fans: Roadkill UGA Cake is Real, Apparently

    There’s something beautiful about college football fans celebrating the biggest of their life by bringing in a CFB-centric cake. We saw an Oklahoma/Texas couple do this with a gigantic Cotton Bowl creation at their reception, complete with everything down to the advertisements on the video board. It was a moment where love and the greatest game in the world collided in frosting form.

    This is not one of those moments, but it is a cake. And it is believed to be a wedding cake, likely (well, hopefully) a groom’s cake).

    Is this the work of a Georgia Tech fan at their wedding? That’s the rumor making its rounds today, and Road Kill UGA is one of the more graphic cakes I have ever seen. It also comes complete with the “To Hell With Georgia” name.

    Although I can’t endorse this kind of rivalry madness – it’s solid work but good lord – I have already called dibbs on the piece featuring his left paw. THAT’S THE BEST PART.

    • Yes, it is the groom's cake. He actually graduated from Tech and UGA.
  • Published On Jun. 18, 2012 by Adam Kramer