The Big Ten Mascots Take on “Call Me Maybe”

By Adam Kramer   Jul. 11, 2012

Have “Call Me Maybe” videos run their course? Did they ever really have a course? The answer to this is… [Shrugs shoulders].

Still, however, the Big Ten mascots are now featured in this setting, and watching furry things dance (or at least attempt to) can be entertaining at times. Plus, it’s the middle of July and this is WAY more meaningful than any watch list you’ve thought about stalking.

Playing the role of “Gronk” in this feature is definitely Sparty, who is indeed a total bro. You knew this already, but it has now been confirmed. Shirtless Goldy at the beach is also very strong, despite the fact that some of the regular beach attendees look slightly concerned about these developments. For whatever reason, Purdue Pete and Willie the Wildcat decided to sit this one one, perhaps their agents were a bit uneasy about this creative piece.

The Jim Delany “Call Me Maybe” video suddenly seems like a very real possibility.


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