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The Rice marching band is in midseason trolling form

I’m not quite sure why you did it, Rice. But I love you for it. Top-notch early season trolling.

During Thursday night’s halftime performance, the Rice marching band decided to make a statement. Perhaps it’s because they were taking on UCLA and getting some Pac-12 eyeballs, or, maybe it’s just because they were feeling frisky (like all of us)on opening night.

Either way, they took aim at USC and took to the following formation on the field. $$$

FANTASTIC INDEED. Now, time to sell some more tickets, eh?

[h/t Deadspin]

  • good to see there were a lot of people on hand to witness it
  • Published On Aug. 31, 2012 by Adam Kramer
  • Video: Kent State returns punt wrong direction, is awesome

    Shut it down. We can all go home. Yep, we’re all done here.

    Kent State linebacker Andre Parker just became a star, and not for the right reasons. Actually, it depends how you look at it. Because in our eyes he’s a star for all the right reasons. End of story.

    A punt grazed a Towson player and Parker grabbed the ball and headed for the end zone.

    The wrong end zone.

    He was eventually tackled.

    By Towson.

    Impossible? Not so fast, my friend. Football is back. Football is weird. Football is wonderful.


    Doesn’t matter, still amazing…

  • Published On Aug. 30, 2012 by Adam Kramer
  • Video: UMass Interception Provides Early Fireworks

    Millions of Thousands of Hundreds of People that tuned into the start of the UConn/UMass game were treated to one hell of a play in the early going.

    Remember that Oklahoma State interception from a few years ago? You know, that one? Well, we have ourselves a rather solid replica in the early moments of the college football season. What a game! play!

    Thanks to Big East Coast Bias for the video.

  • Published On Aug. 30, 2012 by Adam Kramer