Billboard Trolling: ‘This is SEC Country’ Indeed

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 10, 2012

The offseason of billboard trolling continues, although thanks to Texas A&M we might have to stop it right here. No, seriously. Stop. It likely won’t get a whole lot better than this.

The following bit of signage now appears in Austin, Texas, home of the Texas Longhorns.

Texas will respond by lighting $4 million on fire on their own network. You know why? Because why not. They will then broadcasting their displeasure about this giant sign and about 17 people (15 of which currently work in the Longhorn Network studio) will be outraged by these developments.

Via Reddit

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    1. sebarron

      Aggies are like cockroaches. It’s not so much what they actually take, so much what they accidently fall in and ruin.

    2. Vol

      Tennessee is the real UT, Texas copied the colors and the Power T. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    3. SomeoneInAusTX

      Ooooo, you Aggies got us again. You relegated yourself to irrelevance in football in the Big 12, and you actually think your fate is going to improve in the SEC? As always, the jokes on you! I wish you well, only because most of your team members are from Texas, but when you lose I will still smile.

    4. db

      aTm = a poor little athletic program trying to put a sign in your owner’s suburbs that simply states you had such a MONSTER effort in the Big 12, and that you are taking your #2 pencils and Big Chief tablet to another conference to be treated as you always have been… If not, WORSE. Completely laughable! You should change your game day mascot to a doormat…

      Love, kisses, hugs & all that good luck stuff…

      - THE University of Texas Longhorns

      (hey, it’s a good educational school & women’s basketball is pretty good as well)

    5. db

      P.S. – Who is Tennessee, and do they still have a football program? I thought it was just Pat Summitt still rocking women’s basketball all day! Plus that shade of orange is really… Shall I say “pastel”? And you have got to stop kidding yourself with the “power T” thing… Really… Jealousy will get you nowhere.

    6. ts

      Take a look at your schedule & then take a look in the mirror & ask yourself “is that a tough schedule compared to the SEC schedules???? mmmmmm maybe if we just replace the word “tough” and just say you have a “paperbag” schedule. Come & play with the big guy’s UT!!! HA HA HA HA

    7. Texas is the most football crazy state in America, it produces some of the best high school talent in the nation. With A&M joining the conference that means that the other SEC teams have a chance to recruit them instead of playing against them.

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    9. belo

      The last time tamu did anything worth talking about was in 1937 when they were pegged for the mythical national championship. The SEC has always had the opportunity to recruit in Texas. The only thing that has changed is that tamu is now irrelevant in Texas. Other than that, tamu will continue to have its hiney handed to it every Saturday just as it always has. The only difference is that now it’s getting more money for the privilege of being everyone’s whipping boy and it’s a new group of teams that will be taking advantage of tamu on weekends. This billboard screams desperation at holding on to some relevance.

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