By Adam Kramer   Aug. 15, 2012

We’re still a few weeks away from any potential FAT GUY TOUCHDOWNS, so FAT GUY DIVING BOARD MOMENTS will have to suffice. Actually, this will do much more than suffice.

The Kentucky football team went to the pool for a little break away from grueling fall practices, and the diving board was the place to be. Head coach Joker Phillips even got in on the action with a very solid backflip to kick things off. Good work by the coach indeed, but only an appetizer.

Offensive lineman Steven Duff – which might be the most offensive linemen name ever – got his 330-pound self on that poor board and wonderful things happened. Just go to the 1:20 mark, open up a beer and enjoy.

“A lot of the fat boys, they’re good on the diving board.” – Abraham Lincoln UK Football 2012

[h/t to my pal Barrett Sallee]

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