Video: Ohio State teaches us how to Dougie

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 23, 2012

If we’re approaching the 2012 season based off how well a team’s defensive line intern can dance (and clearly we should be), then Ohio State is destined for big things.

Sean Branick is just that for OSU, and he got an opportunity to showcase his talents on ESPN’s All-Access with Ohio State. Also, if you haven’t seen any of this, you should. If anything you’ll leave with some better understanding on how to improve your Dougie and be slightly more terrified of John Simon.

You’ll see Sean bring the building down at the very end.

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    1. 8/23/12

      Wow, we thought this dance was long gone. Guess not.

    2. Joe Shaughnessy

      A great way for a coach to get respect from his players……and he earned it

    3. Mary Kay Bunge

      They may be able to dance, but can they play football?
      UM..GO BLUE!

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