Video: Kent State returns punt wrong direction, is awesome

By Adam Kramer   Aug. 30, 2012

Shut it down. We can all go home. Yep, we’re all done here.

Kent State linebacker Andre Parker just became a star, and not for the right reasons. Actually, it depends how you look at it. Because in our eyes he’s a star for all the right reasons. End of story.

A punt grazed a Towson player and Parker grabbed the ball and headed for the end zone.

The wrong end zone.

He was eventually tackled.

By Towson.

Impossible? Not so fast, my friend. Football is back. Football is weird. Football is wonderful.


Doesn’t matter, still amazing…

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    3. Travis

      Adam Kramer, shut the hell up. Football is not weird and Andre parker did not become a star for going the wrong way. Nobody would become a star for doing that!!!!

    4. cappidad

      Possibly the most famous instance of this involved “Wrong Way Riegels” in the 1929 Rose Bowl game. If you’re not familiar with it, do a search and read the story. There a few other cases of heading for the wrong end zone in football history……and they are well documented. Nothing like doing something for which you’ll be forever remembered.

    5. jose

      what a moron. he probably just used to running from people chasing him in his hood so it didnt matter to him just run bro run

    6. Brutus

      and that’s why the Buckeyes didn’t recruit this kid.

    7. tldrane

      Why did the other guys knock him out of bounds…. should have let him keep going, he was in fact going in the direction they liked.

    8. Cheryl

      No Jose….he probably thought he was running from you mama’s bedroom again.

    9. No Nonsense

      Jose shut up! People like you make this world so pathetic. It was a mistake, something everyone has made before. You live and you learn. But with stupid comments like yours! If someone were to say something about your name you would be offended however you feel it is right for you to make that remark about him…and let me guess, it was so much easier for you to say that comment because he was black right?? Get a life!

    10. Baisers

      the FIRST clue he’s an IDIOT is he’s a freggin linebacker wearing #10! That’s one thing I HATE about college football. A guy playing linebacker or DE wearing some goofy number like 10, 2, 11,it just looks weird. I played DE in college at a major D-1 school and I wore number 91. I remember my HEAD coach saying to us, “unless you play a skilled position, you’re not wearing some goofy number ok”! We got a sheet telling us what numbers for what position and I can still see it to this day! QB’S 1-20, RUNNING BACKS-20-35, FULL BACK’S 30-49, O LINEMAN-50-79, RECIVERS (INCLUDING TIGHT ENDS) #1-7 OR 80-89, D LINEMAN-60-99, LINEBACKERS-50-59, DB’S 2-9 OR 20-49 KICKERS 1-19. And this was in the late 70′s early 80′s when I played.

    11. 8/31/12

      This gives a new meaning to heading in the wrong direction. Just like the guy running for republican VP. The other night he said then candidate Obama was the cause of a GM plant closing down in a town in Wis. A fact check revealed that the plant actually closed down when President Bush was still in office, not when Obama was President. Boy, I tell you new this gives a meaning to heading in the wrong direction! funny how an individual’s actions or words can bring down a team.

    12. Omar

      This is a muffed punt. Once it is touched, it is downed at the point where it is touched. Even had he run all the way back to the end zone, Kent State would have the ball at the 7 or 8.

      Learn the rules, and @Jose, stop being a racist idiot.

    13. Bob Hersh

      Hey running bull(shiX) why do you libs spout off before doing your homework? The GM plant in Janesville WIS was VERY MUCH in operation when obummer gave that speech. It had stopped production of SOME vehicles, but still made others, including it’s main product. Large SUV’s. The speech by your sorry aXX president stated that if he were elected, he’d make sure it stayed open for the next 100 years. That was in 2008, when Bush ll was still in office. The plant shut in 2009, approx 9 months AFTER obamma ramma took office. He lied and your liberal is again changing the facts to try and make him look good. Isn’t working………

      Here’s my reference, incase your’re interested in the FACTS!

    14. Bob Hersh

      Running Bull. If you’re not interested enough, in politics or whats going on in America under O BUMMER’s rule, to put about 3 minutes of work into checking the facts, SHUT THE FUxx UP. Stay on the subject of sports where you may have the IQ to compete. What a joke!

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