Video: Ohio State’s Devin Smith only needs one hand

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 01, 2012

Let’s not get crazy and throw out a “Catch of the Year?” claim in the first Saturday hour. Actually, on second thought, better not count this one out. Just save it as worthy contenders come in throughout the year.

Here’s Ohio State’s Devin Smith giving Urban Meyer his first touchdown as OSU head coach. Two hands? He doesn’t need two hands. Hello, stick ’em. This is an absurd grab.

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    1. Jay

      “Catch of the year”? Its the first game of the season. Talk about sensationalism…

    2. Henry

      Well, Jay, it IS the catch of the year…. so far. Talk about panties in a bunch.

    3. 9/1/12

      It’s only Week 1 of the 2012 college football season, but Ohio State’s Devin Smith might have made one of the best plays we will see all season

    4. Randall

      Jay you must live in that state up north!!!!! #gobucks!

    5. Billy Bob Sixpack

      As good as this catch is, it was made by a player wearing gloves. Adhesive gloves, for God’s sake! These super-duper catches by the modern era receivers cannot be compared to the players of yesteryear who DID NOT WEAR GLOVES!

    6. Leonard Robinson

      If you don’t think athletes are much better … compare vert jumps and
      and look at Charles Atlas on the back of your old comic books

    7. Puja McGriddle

      It’s awesome how both Billy Box Sixpack AND Leonard Robinson are both absolutely correct.

    8. Grrravy

      He didn’t land on his feet, yaaaaaaawnnnnn.

    9. Fred Garvin

      I think Jay is a little butt-hurt…

    10. Brian

      Well he had gloves yes, but old school receivers had stick’um

    11. davek

      either way i think it was an awesome catch by an athlete who is obviously alot better than us for hes playing football at ohio state and were arguing about what era had the best athletes!!!! i dont know about you, but when i played football the guys were not near as big and agile as they are now days. im not saying we didnt have big guys on the team. they just werent as abundant as they are now. but you have to remember we had god awefull big pads on so we werent as quick and agile as they seem to be now. im sure theres going to be some awesome plays this year as there always is, but that catch will stay with me a long time and more so if it was against michigan at the house on 4th and eleven at the 40 yard line down by 6 and 6 seconds remaining!!!! lmao you get the point

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