Photo: Washington brought a live tiger at practice, apparently

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 04, 2012

According to those attending Washington’s practice on Tuesday, Steve Sarkisian has brought in a live tiger in preparation to this week’s tussle against LSU. Either that or he’s just bored and picked him up on his way into the office.

Freshman linebacker Travis Feeney was surprised to see a live tiger at practice as you might imagine, and the team was not alerted beforehand about this interesting addition.

”I had no idea,” Freeny said. ”It was pretty funny when I ran out … I was like `Oh! A tiger!”’

Now THAT is how you prep for one of the nation’s better football teams, although unless this tiger can play defense for Sark’s crew, it probably won’t do much. This tiger is now listed as the backup weak side linebacker.

Les Miles will respond by bringing in one dozen huskies to LSU practice, but this has nothing to do with Saturday strategy. He just wants to roll around with them after practice and see if they can understand him. He understands them, that’s not the issue, it’s getting them on his level.

[image via Ryan Divish]

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    1. Jayne

      That is Disgusting,Americans are so selfish that is not cool boys,that Tiger should be in Africa

    2. Steve

      Jayne – that tiger has never even been to Africa and lives a better life than you and me. Go hug a tree somewhere!

    3. Lilly

      Steve, You definately need an education on big cats and them being in captivity by individuals. Big Cat Rescuse needs to find out about this horrible abuse of an animal. Just another example of how misinformed people are.

    4. Kelly

      It is saddening to think that seeing an animal such as this locked in a cage in which it can barely turn around gets UW psyched up for a football game? This speaks to the nature of the program at hand.
      Doubtful that this animal is living a very good existence as its life is dedicated exploitation for trivial pursuits such as games like these.

    5. Steve

      That cage is just a transfer cage – not even the traveling cage (which is an 18-wheeler). Go visit Mike the Tiger at the LSU campus and see his awesome place of residence. I could only wish to live in something as spectacular.
      And by the way – go hug a tree somewhere.

    6. Steve

    7. AmyZ

      This act is wrong. Animals are not practical jokes. This is not funny. This is an example of ego and terrible judgement.

    8. Steve

      Boo Hoo

    9. S.Semon

      The tiger is not a pawn. Get the tiger to a sanctuary where he can live in dignity.
      How shameful to use wildlife in such a manner. I will NOT watch this game at all!!!

    10. Steve

      Admit it, you weren’t gonna watch the game anyway.

    11. Harold Bowlby

      I’ve got a better idea. Put him in the cage with the Tiger. However, there are plenty of exotic animal rescue reserves which would gladly take him and give him a home where he could have some semblance of freedom. No animal should be treated like this!

    12. L'rell

      Did you read the article? It was for the day. Yes, I believe it wasn’t the best decision, but the cat didn’t look stressed. A woman is leaning on it’s cage. I believe that anyone who harms an animal should be treated as such. Some of you folks have your indies in a wad and want to gripe about anything and everything. GET OVER IT! The tiger is fine. And, as a LA resident and LSU fan, Mike has the best of everything. It’s been proven that animals live longer in captivity.

    13. Tim

      Well played Steve, well played!

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    15. Carlie

      Jayne; always appreciate when people speak out for animals. Of course moving the tiger to Africa might not be in its best interest given that tigers are not FROM Africa. But thanks for sharing your well informed opinions. You have enriched my day.

    16. Foxmuldar

      Put Steve in a cage for a few hours with just water in the hot sun. Tigers might live good in a large confinement but not so good in a smll cage. cats like to run and climb. Not much of that in a cage. Even a dog mascot is allowed to run free. the eagle that some use gets to fly but a tiger in confinement for some aholes pleasure is simple dumb. just shows that most universities have too much money to waste. Better Idea, put Steve in cage with the tiger.

    17. Foxmuldar

      I’m a hunter but still think confining a big cat in a small cage even for a few hours is useless. Your gonna lose anyway so why make the cat Lose too.

    18. Aniken

      Hey Jayne,,,,there are no Tigers on the African continent you bonehead !
      Try India, Siberia, or Southeast Asia !

    19. Steve Jr.

      I love you Steve! Big Fan!! I’ll be cheering you on from my couch! I think that if the tiger was abused it would be able to easily plow over the cage and kill all of the people in the facility. It obviously does not look aggressive and most abused animals are mean and scary…. boneheads. I’d actually be quite comfortable playing with it, or even letting my doggie play with it. I LOVE ANIMALS….. And I love hugging trees!!

    20. Ace

      Based on the picture provided, you can clearly see the tiger is stress in the small cage its housed in. But I guess Steve Sarkisian and the Board of Directors have stadium dollar signs in their eyes then the health of the tiger.

    21. spnelson

      First, I want to say “kudos” to the people who have posted on this site advocating that this tiger be placed in a reserve. Tigers are mostly from Asia… so how EXACTLY did Sarkisian get ahold of this animal? There is unfortunately a large trade in exotic animals in this country- and thanks to people like the commenter “Steve”, it will probably continue. I saw the picture on this website- do these people at UW know how dangerous this is? I have seen a 750 pound tiger move 30 feet and slam into a locked exhibit door in less than a second- that are THAT dangerous. Heck, its a big cat- not a toy- and placing it in a small cage on a practice field for people to look at (without barriers, etc, etc) is an INCREDIBLY bad idea.

    22. MsNette

      Ha, very funny! Our tigers on the field will be alot scarier though!!!!

    23. macloud

      It’s not a mistreated tiger…”The school contacted A Walk on the Wild Side, a wildlife preserve in Canby, Ore. The tiger often makes appearances at fairs and other similar events, so being out and about was nothing new..”

    24. Traumatizer

      This tiger is from a reserve here in Washington. Gezz did you think he just picked it up at WalMart on the way to practice?

    25. PETA & Hummus

      I agree with those saying this is unethical treatment of animals. This endangered species should go back to the wild where it can get diseases, fend for itself to get food, and possibly poached. It’s obvious from this picture this poor animal has spent its whole life in that very same small box, never being released. It probably gets abused daily by the people feeding it. Just like Mike that poor tiger at LSU, living the hard life in a tiny cage with nothing to do and no room to be a tiger…..I’m getting bored. If tigers did so well in the wild, they wouldn’t be endangered (regardless of hunting). Traumatizer makes an excellent and obvious point, and although there are a few Mike Tysons out there that will probably be eaten by their own pets one day this one tiger is obviously not being abused in anyway. get a life and stop being so easily offended.

    26. AJ

      He’d be the only one.

    27. Tardos

      You freakin idiots…..that damn tiger isn’t abused.

    28. ben

      commenter “Steve”, …..douchbag!

    29. GreatRewards

      Put a Husky in the same cage as a Tiger… same outcome as we’ll see on Saturday.

    30. RJFlorida

    31. RKOhio

      Think of all of the other little animals in India that are alive because this tiger is not there to eat them. Animals are not humans and I don’t know the facts about that tiger and you probably don’t either.

    32. Steve Jr.

      whoa, don’t be talking about my FATHER

    33. Texas Tiger

      GEAUX TIGERS! Way to Geaux Steve and Steve Jr! Your my people

    34. Chan

      You want to see inhumane treatment? Come to Tiger Stadium Saturday night.

    35. Zaitooonah

      Africa? *sighs* This is what is wrong….why are Americans so ignorant and uneducated about animals? I find those who complain the most, no little if anyone about what is really going on. If your so eager to release a Tiger, you at least had better know what continent it comes from!! Second, do some research. In fact a mere two weeks ago India has chosen to close all TigerTourism into the country. Thanks to man, and his poaching. How many of you are aware of the commissioner of Fish and Wildlife in the State of California, and the stunt he recently pulled? Or should I say ” former” commissioner. So many of you, PETA, type people are quick to point and judge, yet you goatee the exact type who could careless about animals. That is until you “see” or “hear” of something that you “think” you may have a reason to open your mouth!! A tiger in a cage? Big deal. So the article has one still picture…and from this picture “we”, assume the worse….?!? I am positive their are more humans being locked in cages, closets, and starving than this tiger!! And I am positive you don’t give a damn what is happening to them!! Again, Americans what can I say!

    36. Steve

      Thanx macloud and Traumatizer for adding some constructive info to this thread. It added some useful insight that I was not aware of. All the better ….

      Harold Bowlby and FoxMulder want to put ME in the cage with the tiger? Talk about mistreatment and abuse! Practice what ya preach. hehe

      and ben … is calling me a douchebag the best you got?

      And when you go and hug that tree – make sure it is a ‘Gleditsia triacanthos’.

      Luv ya too, Steve Jr.


    37. Steve Jr.

      PETA and Hummus you are so dumb!!! The reason why tigers are endangered is because they are hunted crazily by humans!! Im pretty sure if we stopped killing them, they could fend for themselves in the wild. And “ben”, I don’t see you commenting anything useful about this topic besides being rude and inconsiderate to others by calling people mean names. :’(

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