Photo: Cincinnati’s outstanding new helmet

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 05, 2012

It’s been a terrible offseason on the wardrobe front as schools have tried to be “edgy” with their uniforms and instead ended up with some horrific (and you can stress that word) uniform and helmet combos.

Cincinnati, however, appears to have learned from some of these missteps with a fantastic helmet that ESPN’s David Pollack shared on his Twitter page. Seriously, this thing is sweet, and I now want it in my bowling bag.

I absolutely love this simple but striking look, and I’m certain that another team will attempt to one-up them… and fail. And then a team will try and one-up that failed attempt… and fail worse. And so on.

Not here, though. Look for them on Thursday night against Pitt.

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    1. digidreamer

      LOVE the matte look, those are great. GO BEARCATS!!!!

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    3. Ralph Pierro

      Look Oregon and Maryland : don’t you wish now that you could wake up from that bad dream and create something like this. Anxious to watch the Bearcats and Pitt.

    4. Steve Jr.

      That’s ratchet.

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