Online sportsbook issues refunds on Arkansas bets

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 11, 2012

If you bet Arkansas as a 30-point favorite against Louisiana-Monroe, you knew you were cooked early on. And if you somehow found a place to bet the Hogs on the money line for this game, you were probably dangling out or near the nearest window. Well, hopefully you just dangled.

For those that placed their bets at, your loss is being covered. No questions asked, the book feels bad for your woeful wager and has decided that there will be no losers.

“When a football team rallies from a 21-point deficit to win by three points in overtime, online sports bettors have good reason to be angry,” said Dave Johnson, head oddsmaker for “But when that team is a 30-point favorite and ranked eighth in the country, sports bettors have good reason to feel sick to their stomachs. And we don’t blame them. The loss was unbelievable, and to profit from it really doesn’t sit well with us. That’s why we’re refunding every single player who dropped money on Arkansas to win. It’s the right thing to do and we’d be shocked if other online sports books don’t follow our lead.”

OK then. I’m sure other sportsbooks will respond by counting the money they made from this game and quickly deleting the press release from their inbox. Also, “profit” and “doesn’t sit well” is truly magnificent here. Indeed.

Now, this book has history in the “bad beat” department, although this Arkansas loss really doesn’t apply. They gave back money on the questionable (and that’s being favorable) ruling in the Pacquiao-Timothy fight and they also gave those that bet Adam Scott in the British Open a financial mulligan as well. This Arkansas loss is different, however, and also a strange stance to take on a game (and spread) that was never really in question.

You give back a bit, you get a lot of coverage in return. Marketing 101. It’s smart, actually, although this wouldn’t be the game I take a stand on. There will be plenty of actual bad beats in the coming weeks and months to really make noise. Then again, it found a home here.

[h/t Dr. Saturday, Image via Rant Sports]


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    1. Pete Xander

      Um, isn’t that why it’s called GAMBLING??? Refunding losers’ money would be like letting Al Gore still be VP even after he lost to W (regardless of the fact that he WAS voted in as President; FL and the SCOTUS made history by stealing that one). Let losing bettors lose and learn from their decisions.

    2. Eric Cartman

      Rant Sports does not use their own images. nice try dipshit

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