Audio: A radio rant for the ages, from a former Miami player

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 12, 2012

Former Miami player Dan Sileo is mad. In fact, he’s really mad. LIKE, really, really mad.

Sileo is a radio voice on 560 WQAM in Miami and he has seen enough of Miami’s struggles of late. He shared these thoughts in a magnificent radio rant that covers pretty much everything you’d want a radio rant to cover. He starts slow-ish and then oh boy does he get going.

Psst… nobody tell him about those sanctions coming down the line.


[h/t Football Scoop]

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    1. Boostr

      I feel his pain. Ive been a fan since Kosar (I moved here from Europe then), Ive seen the lows, and this D is the worst it isnt cutting it. I know they are young but with the talent they have, they got to put a licken on somebody. I was saying this thru the whole game against Kansas, whack the qb send him a message, dont let him or them run on u like that.

    2. 9/12/12


    3. GREG


    4. 9/13/12

      This guy should have been fired during the show. He’s an idiot who probably couldn’t tackle a 10 year-old.

    5. Eddie Paul

      @ Boostr,
      If Miami would have played Kansas, they most likely would have won the game. But they played Kansas State, which is quite a different team. To confuse the two schools is understandable, but we’d never call University of Miami………. ‘Florida’.

    6. Trey

      Dan is a tool! He was run out of Tampa because he called 3 potential free agents “monkeys” in an obvious racist slant. Does he think we care how upset he his? Did he not know it was Kansas State not Kansas or he is too cool to care which Kansas school it was? Again, he is a major tool….Dan no one cares!!!!!

    7. 9/13/12

      I give Sileo 3 days more on the radio. His next and last gig will be a ‘Internet radio show’ with 4 listeners.

    8. 9/13/12

      Dan is dying on the vine, got on the 560 for late afternoon show, now mid day. Tried listening to his show for a while, became unbearable. He seemed to be always talking to himself, rambling on. Now he is trying to make some NOISE to make himself appear relevent again. Sorry, but he needs to find a new line of work. No one cares.

    9. 9/13/12

      my my he does have a temper, he should calm down before he takes the vapors. last time I checked Miami was not a pro team, therefore there is no need or call to threaten players for not playing better. it is between the player and the coaches

    10. Arnold

      Who is this guy, no one outside of the Miami area has ever heard about him.

    11. SteelhHedgeHoggg



      Bbbb`!?BitCH~BOY`Eeee?! Hhhahaha…


    12. SteelhHedgeHoggg



      ANDddd, Ffff`PHONEY!?!


    13. Joel Manatisto

      It’s easy. The only way the U got any respect was by cheating. Can’t cheat anymore so, no mo program you big juicin dummy.

    14. @thetallesttrees

      reminds me of this gem from a few years back

    15. Coopdog72

      WOW!!! now to be fair ,a lot of the things he said I can understand ……being a fan….. How he feels. We must remember most teams when they play us aren’t playing just the 2012 football team they are playing ( THE ..U..) all the championships ,the great players ,the history you know! That stuff that made us what everyone feared. That took time to build, it took hard work, it took the right people. We have to wait for the coaches and players to get tired of being in the trenches grab their gear rely on the system and training along with their GOD given talent. They will fight you’ll see. GoD calls the old cause they know the way, he calls the young cause they’re strong, we’re young this team is suppose to go through this but if they hang in there they’ll find the way and I’ll say I knew it

    16. Joel Manatisto

      The U are cheaters and operating on even ground now due to scrutiny. You will see that this program will never again achieve what it did in the 90′s.

      Cheaters never Prosper….I hope every proud alum gets a stomach ache with every beating, due to the cheating beatings it handed out for years.

    17. Joel Manatisto

      Hey Dan Silly…Ease off the roids you retard.

    18. patrick

      What kind of message does this send to youngsters. Granted, I feel frustrated as hell when the Gators, or the Irish look like the little sisters of the poor on the football field but we have to remember that we are raising kids to grow up with the ups and downs of life. Football is just one aspect of life. This guy needs to relax. Whew!!!

    19. patrick

      By the way, K State has a credible program. Being ranked 21 isnt shabby. K- State has had good teams over the years. I wouldn’t want to make a mistake in traffic with this guy near. He has mega rage. Don’t want my kids and grandkids growing up with this kind of thinking. There is life after football. Go Canes….They’ll be back…

    20. hank beel

      This is a great example of free speech–may be offensive, unpopular, etc., etc. but he has a right to express his views. Why have we gotten to the point to where we have renounced free speech and surrendered to the double-standard, anti-American political correctness tyranny that has effectively trashed the US Constitution and anything that is American?
      Our founding fathers are in their graves spewing rants that would make this guy look like a virgin nun teaching innocent kindergarten kiddos Bible stories. Yes sir,
      the problem here is not mr Dan and a truly lousy football team; it is the the unrestrained destruction of a free society occuring before our very eyes. So, is it shame on Dan, or shame on all Americans who stand by and watch & acquiesce our free nation being blitzkrieged by a new and much more suble hitleresque tyranny??
      Peace out…

    21. Joel Manatisto

      Hank Beel….All points are lost when an individual can’t control him or herself to communicate the issue. I don’t think anyone really cares what he said, it’s how he said it…Like a maniac…

      Still cheaters and they will get what’s coming to them.

    22. That rant was friggin hilarious. I thought Sileo was still in Tampa. Wonder what DanLeBatard thought of this rant. I know he’s a big Canes supporter. Maybe Coach Golden should stop wearing those white shirts and a tie on the sidelines trying to look respectable.
      There are plenty of ex ‘Canes coaches out there now. Not a big fan of the U. Maybe my friend Dave Miller( a proud U alum) can take over the reins. Is Schellenberger still at FIU or wherever. Like I said, plenty of ex Canes coaches out there to choose from.
      Better yet, looks like Sileo can command some respect. He’s ready for Prime Time. Gotta go listen to that rant again. The Sports Animal(WDAE) in Tampa must be real proud of one of their own. Sileo, the original sports animal. Try the de-cafe big fella…

    23. Dan

      It’s hard to win without cheating, isn’t it???

    24. Juan

      “You play at the University of Miami and not for freaking FIU” Come on Sileo, FIU is an emerging power in football and the UM team is in the past. I guess that has you frustrated as well. Alas, times change and buddy, your time is up.

    25. bamadan

      It couldn’t happen to a more deserving program than this collection of thugs that have cheated their way to the top and are now reaping the rewards!

    26. BlackKnight

      This guy should be fired. He is not only pathetic, he is a loser radio announcer which means he couldn’t make it in the football world when he got out of college. I doubt if he could tackle his grandmother.

      This guy should be made to apologize not only too the University but to the fans as well, then I would fire him and see to it he never worked in the media again.

    27. jp_daddi0

      Dan Sileo is a goon. He’s been spending way too much time at Jose Canseco’s house, by the sounds (and looks) of it

    28. Frank Uroda

      Sileo: That’s the way a real fan HAS to feel. But, with a great name like Sileo, I presume with latin roots, leave the greater name (Jesus) out of your array of expletives. THX

    29. 9/13/12

      I live in Miami listen to QAM 560 and never heard of him prior to this self promoting PR stunt.

    30. beck

      1. Get your fact straight….which teams are playing again?
      2. I feel sorry for the University of Miami Hurricanes, who get rotten publicity like this from a fan, and former player who rants & puts down his team, instead of building them up & helping them get better. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar!
      3. In Kansas we are just as proud of our football teams as any other state. But for someone like you insinuating that you are better than the rest of the football teams in the country….well some football team (probably a Florida Team) will put you in your place.
      4. You used to play football, you were good at one time, but this isn’t your team & you aren’t playing. Practice ethical sportsmanship for all athletes current & former so that the future players might want to play sports, wether it is in Florida or Kansas or anywhere in the USA. After that rant & rave….I’m sure the FCC will be reviewing the content.
      5. Don’t put down Kansas….the ingrediants for your bread & butter come from the great plains. Our universities teams are just as good as yours, if not better. GO KSU Wildcats!

    31. Sconnie

      He realizes that this is just college football, right?

    32. Larry Lomako

      I wonder if we will read about this guy wandering the University of Miami campus shooting people who do not live up to their potential. Get some help!

    33. 9/13/12

      hey greg…in regard to your absurd response above……seems like the majority of people on here think you are the tool… I happen to be old enough and educated enough to remember when there were actually standards in radio and television…language such as your’s is clearly coming from the mind of a very limited individual… when you get a life and a vocabulary….and even have a family (God forbid)…. you might understand that this kind of behavior on the airwaves…and even your’s on the cesspool that is the internet should not be tolerated…meanwhile… keep up your tough talk if it makes you feel more like a man…

    34. Cyndi

      Your an ass

      And I agree this idiot should be fired

    35. Obamas/mama

      It’s scary how much trash is in this country.

    36. 9/13/12

      You’re right.

      And the BIGGEST piece of trash got elected to the White House in 2008.

    37. BDD22

      First, let’s disregard all the haters who are too biased or stupid to see how many All Pro Players UM has put in the NFL the last 25 years. And unbelievably talented teams UM has fielded in the 80′s, 90′s & 2000, 01, 02. And are stupid enough in calling them “Cheaters.” And making moronic comments from being poor sports or just jealous. Yeah try calling Ray lewis that! And then grab your teeth falling out of your mouth!

      Now, let’s talk about the action. I feel Dan’s pain. He was an excellent starting DT on a National Championship team. He loves the UM, has tremendous pride and pains him, as it does most honest fans as to what happened to program. He’s passionate and loves his team. Like many college fans who love their teams. Let those who can claim purity, cast the first stone! Who can blame him for his rant? I certainly don’t. And I’m as big a UM fan as there is.

      Of course, the “lame ass” NCAA has been looking for a needle in a haystack for 2 years now in perscuting UM. How come Terrell Pryor takes $40k from a booster and OSU gets the standard penalty and knows it instantly? Some with USC. Or 35 players arrested at UF under Urban Meyer. UM voluntarily gave up their Bowl game last season and had a horrific season from a good number of starters serving suspension for 2-6 games. If anyone ever looks at what those players suspended took, it’s almost laughable as compared to most cheaters in today’s College Football. The only differance, it’s UM! So, they’ll get punished worse, until the NCAA loses TV revenue.

      People always despise or resent “Greatness.” Just like some hate Alabama or LSU. Or even better, the Miami Heat. Even the six time champion, Chicago Bulls!

    38. 9/14/12

      Wow. I don’t care how bad the team is, it might be ok to tone it down sometimes. Hopefully in a few years it will become as laughable as Jim Mora’s rant: Still my favorite.

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    40. Feel sorry for the guy, how could anyone get that caught up in a sports event? Kinda think he needs help(like the mental kind). I luv and root for UCLA and the Philly Eagles, but I don’t do stuff like this and really, I hate to say but they lose and yet I still stand by them, I don’t blame them or say that they’re worthless. This guy needs to get a life, we already have a shock jock(Stearn) and a shock conservative(Limbaugh), maybe he could go to CNBC and help Cramer?

    41. Nick Blase

      Dan Sileo is a very sick man. Hopefully, someone cares enough to get him professional help and get his garbage mouth off the air! Glad my kid did not hear his idiotic rant!

    42. DEE

      real talk every team that has ever been in the top 10 consistantly has a cheat of some sort but that is beside the point. lets really look at the talent that has passed through the U. and half of them got perks after they sign to the U. Like people giving perks for the job you have done not for signing to the school as a former college athlete believe me everybody gets some kind of perks. anyway the U has to be accountable for what kind of football they play and lets be honest we aren’t talking about talent we are talking about heart and the will to win. being a long time UM fan since the 80′s this bull ish should not be tolerated at a program that stands for toughness and the will to win. so im not mad at him because at the end of the day they lost. if they did not lose he wouldn’t have a thing to say.

    43. 9/16/12

      I guess once the NCAA started making “The U” football players go to class it was downhill from there…

    44. biznessman

      If you are not a Canes fan you wont uderstand…who cares about what he said im jus tired of all these so called football fans sayin the Canes were cheaters thats why there are rules in the game and the refs to enforce them. miss us with that… we are the team with the best players in the NFL pick one team in the NFL where the best player or the most exciting player isnt a Canes player on MOST teams..YEA CANT DO IT! talk about that! We are good at cheatin but not at losin U all hate that we will be back so prepare yourself because HURRICANES SEASON is comin back.U LOSERS

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