Video: Streaker is sacked for a loss at the Ole Miss game

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 17, 2012

While the Texas offense (and yes, apparently such a thing exists) was absolutely destroying the Ole Miss team, an Ole Miss fan decided it was time to take his talents to the field, slightly less clothed.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the “double, self-ass slap on the SEC logo” maneuver, and I think it will be a while before we see it again. This hurt the timing, perhaps enraged the security tasked with tracking him down, and this all showed as he was brought down instantly with a solid hit.

The state trooper didn’t lead with his head which is good to see – SAFETY FIRST – and he has since been given a full scholarship to play weak side linebacker for Ole Miss.

[h/t Lost Letterman]

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    1. BillFremp

      Not that it matters much, but this is pretty clearly a UT fan making a point about the whole TAMU move the SEC. Obviously, hanging 66 on our defense was all the talk that was needed. But this is near the north endzone where a ton of UT fans were sitting. Again, don’t let the symbolism of him stopping on the SEC logo to literally show his ass get lost on you.

      In sum: UT fan, not Ole Miss fan.

    2. [...] Streaker is sacked for a loss at the Ole Miss game [...]

    3. Texas Fan

      Mr Femp, This was definately an Ole Miss Fan. He was standing right next to us in his Ole Miss tshirt, boxer shorts, and socks. I tried to talk him out of it, but he disappeared. He was highly intoxicated and had been urged on by his buddies. I had asked him where his pants were , but he could not answer……It had nothing to do with the SEC…Just a drunk college kid on a dare from his friends.

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