Video: Mark Dantonio doesn’t have time for your ridiculous question

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 23, 2012

Michigan State followed up their ugly loss to Notre Dame with a questionable performance, but a win, against Eastern Michigan. It wasn’t a pretty, but a win’s a win.

After the game, however, head coach Mark Dantonio wasn’t exactly in the talking mood. His postgame press conference was indicative of this and he certainly didn’t give the reporters much to work with. Or, perhaps he gave them plenty for their morning columns.

Short, abrupt and he even manages to take a moment to recognize just how wonderful these questions are. Oh, I would have hated to be in that locker room if this is the treatment the reporters received. From my view, however, this is pretty hilarious.

Next question.

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    1. 9/24/12

      Dantonio was a smug A-hole at Cincinnati; glad he’s gone! Enjoy his wonderful personality MSU :)

    2. Rakel Your A Dumb Ass

      Is Cincinatti even an addcredited university? And so are you glad every three years your coach leaves to go onto bigger and better oppurtunities? Got to love bitterness :)

    3. NJT

      Here’s the biggest ass in the state of Michigan! But really, he’s a Buckeye in green clothing.

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