Video: Colorado State kicker gets destroyed attempting onside kick

By Adam Kramer   Sep. 24, 2012

When the announcer goes to “that dude got rocked” during a game, it’s safe to assume that some dude did indeed get rocked.

That dude, in this instance, just happened to be Colorado State kicker Jared Roberts who was attempting an onside kick. Roberts was focused on the ball, hoping it would somehow go ten yards. On the other side, Utah State linebacker Jake Doughty lined him up and unleashed. Like, really unleashed.

A personal foul followed shortly after.

You’ve seen this before, although only in NFL BLITZ. Feet aren’t supposed to go that high in the air, although thankfully Roberts appeared OK shortly after.

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    1. Ej

      What’s with the commentator? Never seen helmet-to-helmet before?

    2. Question

      Shouldnt the flag be for the ball not going 10 yards?

    3. Nick J

      This guy got owned! I saw this live, the kicker wasn’t even watching where he was going. -Utah State representing!

    4. [...] and foremost, he didn’t kick the ball far enough. As you can see from the video above that Kegs ‘N Eggs shared with us, the ball went about seven yards when it has to go 10. Wait, you weren’t focused on that? I [...]

    5. What

      15 yard penalties supercede penalties like’the ball went about seven yards when it has to go 10. Wait, you weren’t focused on that?’ And nice of LBS to spam the comments with the title of another boring blog post.

    6. [...] Source: [KegsnEggs] [...]

    7. Parlino POidesta

      Announcer is a AH. Kicker was defenseless. Plus hitting him interfered with the ball traveling the necessary 10 yards.

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