Video: The Ohio State Marching Band’s Halftime Video Game Tribute

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 08, 2012

As a video game nerd, this Ohio State halftime show excites me much more than it should. Still, however, it doesn’t matter if you owned a Nintendo or even give a damn about video games in general, this halftime performance during the team’s game against Nebraska is fantastic.

My personal favorite is the Tetris routine, although I am a sucker for Mario and it’s very difficult to pick just one. Also, we are so, so old.

It’s a longer video, but just tell your boss you’re watching a college band perform some of your favorite Nintendo hits and I’m sure he’ll understand. He needs to see this as well.

[h/t Lost Letterman]

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    1. Don V

      Stanford did something very similar a few years back:

      That doesn’t take away from OSU’s performance, just another 10 minutes to go waste…er, watch a video.

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