Video: A Miami fan previews his team’s huge showdown against UNC

By Adam Kramer   Oct. 12, 2012

First and foremost, the following is very NSFW. Or, at the very least, throw in those headphones before you hit play. The language, y’all. The language.

You’ve been warned.

OK, now. If you’re looking for a preview for the Miami-UNC game, then this is the 7-minute video you absolutely have to watch. I am still having issues breathing after taking this in a handful of times, and I appreciate the passion this man brings. He has done plenty of pre and post-Miami videos before, but this might be his finest effort. I’m sure ACC fans are already very familiar with the channel.

How this possibly went on for a full 7 minutes, I have no idea, but ever second was valuable and important. The “the Costal is a lock” part at around the 5:40 mark, well, that just might be the greatest hype statement ever on YouTube.

The rest is for you to enjoy. Remember NSFW, y’all.

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